Just like the bee, PMHF is here to help give people what is needed to grow; like the daffodil, showing signs of rebirth and Spring.

Executive Director & FOunder

Terri Lee Bolles | Lives in Fort Collins CO | Originally from MI

Terri Lee has been married to her husband, Nate, for 13 years. Together they have two dogs and a cat, who are spoiled rotten, just ask any of their friends. They moved to Colorado back in 2012 from Michigan and since that time Colorado has become home for them. Recently they relocated to Tennessee for her husband's job for 18 months but landed back in Fort Collins in March of 2018. At that time she knew that she wanted more and do more for her local community that she calls home. She decided a non-profit was her dream, helping others in need.


PMHF BOard Members

Jess Headshot.jpg

Jessica King MSW, LCSW

Jessica King is currently a second-year doctoral student. Currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. Prior to her return to graduate school, Jessica worked as a medical social worker at a northern Colorado hospital; conducting trauma evaluations on children involved in the child protection and foster care system in Colorado and served as an in-home therapist for children and families in Boston, her hometown. Having firsthand experience with mental health struggles, both personally and professionally, Jessica is cognizant of the importance of comprehensive, accessible, and affordable mental health treatment; something which many Coloradans do not have. Jessica’s commitment to emotional wellbeing and mental health equity motivates her involvement with Project Mental Health Freedom.

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Sandra Wankelman

Sandra Wankelman is a Colorado native. Every day Sandra is reminded how blessed she is, to be able to raise her daughter in the same beautiful places where she grew up. She enjoys many activities, keeping both her mind and body healthy, and always willing to try new things pushing her to her next level. Throughout her career, she has spent numerous years providing assistance/services to adults with developmental disabilities. Not to mention, Sandra's experience and knowledge of marketing; where she has been able to assist countless businesses grow and build their own brand.

Throughout her life's journey, Sandra has faced some significant circumstances which has encouraged her to become a catalyst for change. Personal struggles with anxiety, PTSD, and depression have truly guided her life's path. Sandra realizes, based on personal urgency, the need for more research and discovery. Without it, we will never fully address and conquer the mental wellness challenges that are so difficult for so many. Everyone deserves this knowledge and ability to obtain what is needed for them to live a health and happy life.

In June of 2018, Sandra completed her MBA in Biblical Studies. Always wanting to push herself to the next level, she is currently working to obtain her second MBA in Business and Project Management. Currently, Sandra is building her own business through Amare Global - as an Independent Wellness Partner, all while finishing her last 6 months of school. Sandra is currently writing a book, hoping to finish soon as well.

Sandra's knowledge and experience will assist her as a board member at Project Mental Health Freedom. She looks forward to applying her skills and knowledge to support the mission of PMHF. Through networking within the community and spreading awareness about mental health challenges/concerns, Sandra knows that we all can make a huge impact and difference within Larimer County.


Board member application

Have you ever thought about being a board member for a local nonprofit within your community?

PMHF is currently taking applications for board members that have a passion about mental health, the advocacy of mental health, and the dedication to making sure all in need can afford to get the mental health care needed and deserved. if this is something of interest to you we are happy to hear from you and why you want to become a PMHF board member.

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