1. Sad, Just Sad

    Last night watching the news my heart broke. I mean the news is always sad anymore, there is hardly any "Good" news on the news these days. On top of the mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL we heard about a 9 year in Denver that took his own life over the weekend. How does this happen? What is wrong w…Read More

  2. Dark Mornings

    As I lie in bed Friday morning, struggling to get out of bed, I tried to look at the bright side of things. My philosophy in life is to always see the brighter side of every situation. However, this morning I didn't know if I could do that. It's Friday, I should be welcoming in the weekend. Rejoicin…Read More

  3. Finally!

    So it's been a rough but very exciting week. I had a summer cold, which is never fun. However, during that time I didn't have any anxiety. Pretty sure that I just felt so horrible that my anxiety was so minimal compared to my cold that I didn't notice it. I will take that win. #celebrateyourwins The…Read More

  4. Enjoying the Present

    Enjoying the present and living in the moment, this is something that I haven't had in years. When I am out in public I am always "looking" for things that make me uncomfortable. If certain things bother me, then why on earth would I intentionally look for them. But that is how I am; I am so focused…Read More

  5. Inspiration

    I talk to lot of people every day, between work and personal life. Some times you can hear in the person's voice they are sad, anxious, upset, and down right angry. Your tone says a lot about you. I tend to have a snarky tone around the house, from what I am told. LOL The thing is I am displacing my…Read More

  6. The Pounding of My Heart

    My heart was pounding in my chest and it felt like it was going to burst through my throat. Then the nauseous kicked in and of course I am on a phone call with a client. "Okay, just breath thru this and you won't get sick on the call." This is what I was telling myself. Luckily I was able to make it…Read More

  7. A Fairy Godmother

    One of my best friend's daughter calls me her Fairy Godmother. I wish that was really the case. I wish I was a Fairy Godmother; I could just magic away the help that is needed by so many others. I don't struggle every day with my mental illnesses but some days are way worse than others. Unfortunatel…Read More

  8. Role Models

    fter a really rough day, tonight was a great way to end my day. The softball team I coach had their last game tonight. Not only did we win the game and I believe were in first place for the season, but we won the season's Sportsmanship Award for the league. I am so proud of my team, not only did the…Read More

  9. Taking Time For Yourself

    It's so easy to speak out and tell others to make sure that you are taking some "me time", but following through with it myself is not so easy. I need to practice what I preach, so to speak LOL. It turns out it can be really hard to take time out for myself. Every morning I am trying to get up 30 mi…Read More

  10. Take A Mental Health Day

    This past week started out fairly rough then Tuesday I decided to put in PTO request to take Thursday and Friday so I had 5 days off in a row. In the description for my PTO request I actually entered Mental Health Day. I wanted to be honest with my manager. I don't think she is aware of my mental he…Read More