1. It’s Just Constant

    The perpetuity of my anxiety is starting to anger me. All weekend it was a struggle for me. It was like I had a panic attack the entire time without any relief. Do you know how incredibly exhausting and uncomfortable that was? So far today I am doing better. I have anxiety and I am depressed, howeve…Read More

  2. Forgot How

    OMG! I have totally forgotten how to relax. Yesterday I tried to relax and just chill in my hammock under a tree in my yard, and I just couldn't relax. How can one forget to relax? Maybe I just can't relax not that I don't know how or maybe I don't even know what it feels like to relax. Sad isn't it…Read More

  3. Ugh, It’s Just One of Those Days

    Today was just one of those days. Every little thing upset me, I couldn't get rid of my anxiety and I couldn't focus on anything. And to top it off, I didn't want to touch anything and yet I did anyway. I also didn't feel like I was good enough. Why? I know I am more than just good enough. Yet I fee…Read More

  4. OCD in Control

    t's been a week since I posted because I have had my mom and aunt in town visiting from Michigan. It was a wonderful week with them and I they had a great time while they were here. My mom and aunt both know about my daily struggles and are aware it has gotten worse since the last time I saw famil…Read More

  5. It’s Like Christmas Eve as a Child

    Last night as I lay in bed, anxious like a little kid on Christmas Eve. My mom and my Aunt (my mom's sister) are coming to visit for a week and they get here this evening. I was anxious because I was/am excited, but also creating a to do list of things that I have to do today before they get here. N…Read More

  6. Noticing my OCD

    My goal lately with my therapy is to notice things before I do them and try to not do them. I have noticed that I do things that I didn't even know I did. Oh dear! So I have an issue with things that have been in public. For example even things I get at the grocery store bother me, like a bag of che…Read More

  7. Stereotypes of Mental Illness

    I was watching the news like I do every day, which some days I question why I do, it is only full of bad news. They never talk about good news these days. Anyway, there was a situation in Denver and the news mentioned that the person had mental illnesses and was unstable. See this is what I mean. No…Read More

  8. Support and Teamwork

    tonight the softball team I coach had a game, and I have to throw in that they won too! These girls are in 4th and 5th grades which can be a really difficult time for girls. I gotta say I am extremely proud to call them my team. They are so incredibly supportive of each other. The girls are at all l…Read More

  9. Down Days

    there are good days, then there are great days, but that also comes with bad days and even worse days. To be completely honestly I have been having some pretty bad days lately. But I don't understand why. Work is going well for me. I love coaching softball and I am really getting a lot out of it and…Read More

  10. Get Over It! Snap Out of It!

    It is hard for people who don't suffer with a mental illness to fully comprehend what we are dealing with. That alone is an entirely different struggle that we deal with. We hear things like, "Oh, just snap out of it!" or "Get over it and move on!". Ya right, if it was only that easy. Typically thes…Read More