I’ve asked for your help because I have a mission—to provide mental health care for everyone in my community, regardless of cost.

Many people who are suffering from mental illness do not have the resources to access even the lowest priced care. Going without care tears apart lives, families, businesses and communities. Logically, mental health is a must for all of our citizens if we want to prevent crime and abuse.

Here, the average out-of-pocket cost for mental health therapy by a licensed profession is $40 per session through our excellent community. But they tell me that hundreds of people who could be helped—whose lives could be changed—slip through the cracks because they can’t pay. I was lucky—I could pay. But many can’t.

I founded this organization to provide those funds. Bringing these neighbors back into the mainstream is really not all that expensive. Ten sessions can put a person back to work, back to school, and on the road to being a valuable contributing member of our community. Only $400 per. Would you invest that in a member of your family? A best friend? Of course you would.

My salary is zero dollars. I’ve invested in creating this organization to receive and distribute the funds directly to excellent therapists on behalf of those who need the care the most. And I’ve been trying to raise the funds to get started. Because, as you know, donors want outcomes.

So, here’s my offer. Let’s jump start this with your charitable gifts. For that, I’ll locate and fund those deserving people. And since I know this will work, I’ll keep you apprised of our progress.

Your gift will not only change the lives of these people, but you’ll launch a small, efficient nonprofit organization that will continue to produce Mental Health Freedom.

Please give today, and make a difference.

Please Donate Now, Every Dollar Makes A Difference In Saving Lives.

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