Funding And Financial Assistance Programs

PMHF works with many providers in Larimer County. With this partnership we offer support for your mental health maintenance. Citizens within Larimer County both may or may not have insurance coverage that assists with mental health costs. However, so many of these people still cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs that the mental health maintenance will cost them. Mental Illnesses are life long, they are not a cold that will just go away after a short time. These illnesses need lifetime maintenance to maintain a healthy and happy life.
PMHF will work with your mental care providers to see what we can do to adjust your payments and then offer support to assist with bills. Working directly with therapists and mental care facilities, we hope to create exclusive contracts allowing lower costs, which PMHF will help pay. We have been networking with these people and facilities and we have several great connections in which contracts are being worked on currently.

PMHF Helps With:

  • Transportation
  • Child Care
  • Therapy Co-Pays
  • Medication & Co-Pays
  • Gym/Yoga/Meditation Classes
  • Holistic & Alternatives Approaches

*These are just examples, we will work with your therapists and doctors based on your mental health treatment plan.