Meditate! Yea right. Yes, it is proven to be good for your mental health, but if you are like me, my mental health won’t actually allow me to meditate at this time. I try, I really do, because I want to be able to remove all thoughts from my mind and just be. Even if it is only for a short period of time. For me, I have to start out with only a few seconds, yup, seconds.

As 2019 rolled in so did most us with our New Year Resolutions. These are great because it is important to have goals set for yourself. However, a lot of time we don’t keep them for long and then we get down on ourselves for failing. To keep these goals (resolutions) we have to be realistic and start small. Don’t expect to be a completely different you, if that is your goal, within a day.

Of course, I set some for myself. Love more and meditate daily. Seems easy, but both of these can be very difficult for us.

We tend to forget to love ourselves and the ones closest to us, aka our loved ones. The keyword for me is more. I love myself and my loved ones, and everyone I meet. Well……I try to anyway. I am not perfect and don’t always love everyone I meet. I also don’t always show LOVE for my loved ones as much as I should. But if we want love to win, we have to try harder, including me. This starts with the “Golden Rule”. We have all heard of this since we were just little kiddos. Treat others the way we want to be treated. Simple. And if we look at it that way and how we can love more, it can be an easy thing to work on every day.

I started by randomly saying I love you to my hubby. I don’t think he realizes why, but I hope he has noticed at least. Say I love you whenever you end a phone call with a family member or friend. (I don’t expect people to say I love you to a stranger, although I know that there are some people out there that actually do that.)

See, simple small little steps. Now, back to meditation. This is far from easy for me. I am working on it in 30-second intervals. Thirty seconds doesn’t seem like a long period time to most people. For someone with ADHD, it is an extremely long time, epecially to do soemthing like clear your mind everything and meditat. Last night I attempted to meditate before bed, OMG that was the longest 30-seconds of my day. Also finding a quiet area to do this is difficult for me. No I don’t have children and my hubby is out of town for work, so it should be easy right? Nope, I have 2 little dogs and a cat, and one of them is always on a mission to be the loudest family member in the house. I have to strategically plan my meditation whenever they are all sleeping.

As I laid down to meditate last night I felt good about it and thought I might just be able to do it. Far from it! It took me over 3 minutes to get a 30-second meditation in without any interruption from my mind. As I tried to clear my mind of any thoughts, I thought of everything. I mean everything. Each thought popped in and out of my mind in less than a second. I thought if I focused on breathing in and breathing out that would stop me from thinking of stuff. Again, nope. Seriously, my thoughts were spiraling around out of control like an F5 tornado. Clean the kitty litter, did I lock the front door, pick up the dog doo in the yard tomorrow, should I get up and check the front door again, is the stove off, look at vacation locations, call insurance company, yes the stove is off because I never used it tonight, make doctor appointment, set up LinkedIn account for my nonprofit, look into classes in marketing, when does the meteor shower start again, did I lock the sliding door to porch, will I be able to see them from my bedroom window or will I need to go outside, maybe I should get up and just check all the doors again, and the stove while I am up, should I set an alarm to get up to see it, organize my desk and drawers in it….and it kept going on for over 2.5 minutes. This is far from relaxing and I doubt how meditation should be. I will keep trying 30 seconds at a time.

For now, I will continue my focus on my goals of trying to love more and attempting to meditate. Small steps get you just as far as big ones. Good night love to al