One of my best friend’s daughter calls me her Fairy Godmother. I wish that was really the case. I wish I was a Fairy Godmother; I could just magic away the help that is needed by so many others.

I don’t struggle every day with my mental illnesses but some days are way worse than others. Unfortunately there are so many people that struggle every day. To top that off, some of those people can’t even afford the medicines that they truly need to help them.

This pains me to think about. I can’t imagine not having the meds that I need on a daily basis. Now that I am in therapy as well, I can’t imagine not seeing my therapist either. Yet some many people can’t afford either.

With the inspiration from my husband, friends, and my Fairy Goddaughter, I have decided that I want to start a company (a non-profit), where I can be the Fairy Godmother to others; granting them the gift of money to pay for the mental health care that they need.

I will need lost of support and guidance during this endeavor, and time, since I will still work full time as well. This is a passion that I feel is needed in my area as well across the global. I want to start small, but some day I would love to be huge. And with the support of you all and my family and friends, I think this dream could really come true. My pumpkin could become the beautiful horse drawn coach for all that need it.

I want to help others, that is something that I really love to do, and if I could do this on a larger scale I would feel so blessed. Even more blessed than I already am. I will keep you all posted on what lies ahead for me and my dream. Please send some good thoughts and prayers my way; I want to make and see this come true.