Ahhh! Accomplishment!! Doesn’t it feel amazing? Yes, I love when I can say, “Well yes, I did that.” or “Yup, I finished it.”, but today wasn’t that day.

Hours of painting at the top of a ladder, all for not. Yup, the color doesn’t match. Second mis-tint in a row, fail home improvement store, FAIL! Now mind you, I have a paralyzing fear of falling. (Icing on the multi-layered cake my friends of my mental issues. LOL) I could be 2 inches off the ground or 15 feet, like I was part of today.

However, I was still able to prevail. Even though I have to paint the areas all over again, and have to deal with that height again; I still won. Yup, that’s right people, I still said I won.

Every time I face my fear of falling it gets a microscopic bit better. I mean barely even a noticeable amount easier for me. I am not looking forward to climbing that ladder again. To be completely honestly with you, I want to tell the store they need to come and redo all the work I did because they messed up twice. All I want to do is finish painting the house we moved into two months ago. Make it my own.

OMG!! UGH, the feeling of defeat got me today, when I should have felt an amazing feeling of accomplishment. NOPE! Instead I walked away and did something else that let me relax and rid myself of the pure anxiety that swept through my mind and body.

Some days we have defeats, some days we have wins. Then others we have both, but it is the way we deal with them. Roll with the punches the say, well it’s not always that easy for everyone. Make your defeats a win which is not always easy, this is true but try, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find the positive side of every situation.