So it’s been a rough but very exciting week. I had a summer cold, which is never fun. However, during that time I didn’t have any anxiety. Pretty sure that I just felt so horrible that my anxiety was so minimal compared to my cold that I didn’t notice it. I will take that win. #celebrateyourwins

The exciting part though…my non-profit is up and running. Not that we are really doing a lot yet, but it’s the fact that we are doing it. We have a long way to go but our focus now is networking and getting our partnerships built.

Our goal is providing financial funding to those with economic hardships to obtain the mental health care they deserve. Project Mental Health Freedom is a non-profit here in Colorado to help with the financial aspects of Mental Health Care. So many people, even with insurance coverage, can’t afford the out-of-pocket costs of their mental health services that they need and deserve.

The goal with this non-profit is to help provide funds for people in need. Nobody should go without the therapy or medication they need just because they can’t afford it.

Today was our first day “up and running” so to speak. We have our social media presence started and will continue to grow that. I am currently working on our website which I hope to have up . This is very mentally exhausting as well as exciting. #pmhfreedom

I am so driven and passionate about this cause that even though I know there will be many hurdles along the way, and I welcome them. Hurdles were always my favorite in track. Plus any bump in the road along the way, will be a good time to take a step back and look back at what we have done so far and visualize what is to come.

My OCD will be in overdrive and my anxiety will be at all time high levels, but both for a good reason. To be honest, I welcome it in these situations because omething major is happening people!

Stay focused on your dreams and goals; you’ll get there! Even though you might have to crawl through the mud in a few spots and slip right through others, it will happen. Mental health goals are the same as any other goal, we have to work at these to see them happen it doesn’t just happen overnight.