It is hard for people who don’t suffer with a mental illness to fully comprehend what we are dealing with. That alone is an entirely different struggle that we deal with.

We hear things like, “Oh, just snap out of it!” or “Get over it and move on!”. Ya right, if it was only that easy. Typically these are lifetime illnesses that we have to manage every day. Sometimes if we are lucky enough, we can grow out of them and learn how to get “better.”

Talking to a friend or family member who isn’t dealing with a mental health issue, can try to understand, and some truly can to a certain degree. But it isn’t the same as talking to others that are going through the same thing or similar situations. Talking to a therapist is also truly helpful as well.

I think it is really sad that people don’t feel that they can talk about their mental health situations. I know several people that still in this day in age, that they think people will judge them. Yea you’re right they might if they are ignorant, and if they do who cares. Isn’t love supposed to win over hatred. It is but we all know there is still way to much hate in this world, which saddens me as well.

Grow up! That is what I want to say. Grow up, YOUR ignorance about life and others is not cool. We aren’t the same, that is what makes us so wonderful.We are all unique individuals with unique likes and dislikes, and oh yea, we all have our own personalities too. Embrace it!

It breaks my heart, that there are so many people out there that are afraid to talk about their mental health and their feelings. They might not be actually speaking out, but most of them are reaching out in their own way for help. There is way to much suicide these days. Yup I mentioned it, suicide. I myself am nowhere close to being a person like that. I feel it is a call for help for some and others just giving up on themselves and taking the easy way out. Sorry guys, life is hard, but don’t give up on yourselves, there are people that love and support you and would do anything to get you the help that you need. SPEAK UP PEOPLE!!

Last week two famous people took their own lives. I bet most of their family and friends had no idea what they were struggling with. I have a co-worker who recently had a cousin’s daughter take her own life because of bullying. OMG, that is another subject that just pisses me off. Stop taking your own insecurities out on others! Embrace each other for our differences, our quirks, or some would even say our issues. It makes us who we are.

Do you know that teen suicide is on the rise. Why!?! This should not be the case, it should be going down because there is so much more knowledge and support these days than when I was a teenager. My goodness, people just need to talk about it, but again those stereotypes are still out there and as strong as ever. What can we do individually to stop this? One word…TALK! Talk to each other, be there to listen when someone needs it. Honestly you don’t know how much that conversation might really mean to that other person.

Again, I am not in the mental health profession, I am just someone that struggles with mental health illnesses. If those people weren’t afraid to talk and get the help they needed they might still be with us. However, we will never fully understand what they were going through. Don’t be another statistic! Get help! Speak up! Talk to others! We all will listen!