I talk to lot of people every day, between work and personal life. Some times you can hear in the person’s voice they are sad, anxious, upset, and down right angry. Your tone says a lot about you. I tend to have a snarky tone around the house, from what I am told. LOL The thing is I am displacing my emotions on to others. We don’t always see that we are doing that until it is brought to light.

For me of course my hubby thinks I am nagging when I repeat myself. Most of these times, I am repeating myself due to my OCD, although there are many times it is technically “nagging” for all intent and purpose.

Yet sometimes, I am happy and in a good mood, but I still sound snarky. Why would this be? I have realized recently that I am displacing my anxiety with a snarky or bitter tone in my voice. I also just act and vocalize myself in a snarky way. I have had extremely bad anxiety for a month almost. Needless to say it hasn’t been fun for me and I am transposing this uncomfortable feeling in other forms.

We all try to be the best people we can, well we should anyway. That doesn’t mean that we still can’t have bad days, or be afraid. I was speaking to a friend not that long ago and because of me opening up and explaining why I am snarky and not myself lately is because of my mental illness. I don’t mean to act differently and I try to keep my feelings to myself. Not in that way, I can talk about my feelings and readily do, I mean keep them to myself without acting them out onto others. Does that make sense?

While speaking to my friend they said that due to my openness about my mental health and this blog, they don’t feel ashamed anymore. Yes! One more person that isn’t going to hide behind the curtains of embarrassment any longer.

That is my goal, to be an inspiration to others for mental health. I want others to be open and not afraid to talk about their mental health. They can tell others, I am being extra moody today because my depression has taken a turn for the worst. Or, I don’t really want to go out with you into public, because of my OCD and anxiety, not because I don’t want to be with you. I am sorry I am being a bitch lately, I just can’t seem to shake this anxiety that is plaguing me.

Talk to others. Let them know how you feel. If they are a true friend, they will want to listen and do what they can to help. They will not be ashamed of who you are and what your mental illness is. Likely they have one too. Support each other and be the inspiration for others.