Hello! My name is Terri and I wanted to start this blog to help others like me. I have ADHD with OCD and Generalized Anxiety (with occasional seasonal depression) and I am not afraid to talk about it and tell people. I am proud of who I am.

Why not? Why is it still so taboo to talk about our mental health and mental illnesses? If more people are willing to speak up, others will feel more confident to stand up and speak up as well.

This is my goal; I want others to be able to stand up and talk about their mental illness and help others. Even it that help is getting them to feel comfortable and take that first step, which is to accept and get help. I also want everyone to get the help that they need, and live a happy life.

Not everyone needs medicine, some just need someone to talk to. Others need both and yet others, medicine seems to help them enough where they can live a productive and happy life. You never know, taking that few minutes to listen to someone or opening up to someone, could literally save their life.

Come on people, why is it still something that we whisper about only to our closest friends and some family members!?! There isn’t anything to be ashamed of, you’re different, isn’t that what makes us special?