Who else has to check and re-check things, over and over and over and over again? I know that I have to. Like something is going to magically turn back on or unlock itself, and if I don’t check it something horrible will happen. Sounds like a horrible feeling doesn’t it, and it is. It is hard to really describe what this feels like. I mean I know this isn’t going to happen, but I have to check it again. However, I have learned a few tricks that help.

But why do I do this? And how can I make myself stop? These are literally questions I ask myself constantly every day, on top of my obsessions. Exhausting!

For me, I will check the stove and oven even though I haven’t used it that day, when going to bed or leaving the house. I would hate to leave it on for obvious reasons, but I fear that if I leave the house and I don’t check it over and over, the house would erupt into flame with my pups inside and I would be devastated. Yet I check it even if I didn’t use it. Why, it’s not like it turns itself on just to taunt me…”Ha ha human, I have turned on to keep you on your toes and make sure you keep checking me and paying attention to me!!!” (Evil mechanical laugh in background.)

Sad thing is this is what I do daily. I also have to check each door three times before leaving or going to bed. This is getting better though. I have learned a trick to hold the lock/touch the door for a count of 3 and I will see that it is still locked and not unlocked. Another trick is to take a poto of the door, garage door, oven, and stove so you can look back at it if you feel the need. This is nice when you will be gone all day or go out of town. A friend shared that with me, thanks!!

Don’t get me started on candles. I love them too, but lately it is really hard to burn them. I will check them before bed, and then I will check them in the middle of the might when I wake up and freak out. Restless sleeper right here folks. And I definitely can’t burn them if I plan on leaving the house after I burn them because I will literally turn around and check.

These are only a few of my daily re-checks. Like I said it is getting better I think for the most part. I don’t turn around as often, or even stop the car when backing out of the garage to check the front door. Even though we didn’t use it. That is one of my hubby’s favs.

One day I will be able to just live my daily life without thinking of things like this. All it does is preoccupy most of my waking time thinking about others things that I literally shouldn’t be obsessing about.