There are several things that bring me peace and inner tranquility, hiking, kayaking, and riding on the back of my hubby’s motorcycle. These are a few that come time mind right now.

Today was one of those days where I had nothing but peace. We went for a ride up the Poudre Canyon and during those hours, I had nothing but peace. No OCD symptoms, no anxiety and my ADHD was not even in view. Only thing in view was nature, natural beauty, or God’s glory, whatever you want to call it. I had truly found my inner tranquility. It was perfect, other than the few bugs that decided to cover my helmet shield.

If you don’t know what this feels like, go find it! Everyone needs to have these places or things that give them this feeling. It could be anything from taking a long bath, reading your favorite poem, or book, or even just sitting in your favorite spot. Take it in, breathe, listen to your surroundings, and enjoy them. Don’t let those thoughts, fears, or feelings sneak up and ruin your “me time”. Tell them to get lost, you’re not welcome here right now.

Not that easy, I know. But we all can do it. But you have to at least try, for yourself. For me these few activities, give me this freedom. That is what it is, it is a freedom of what normally controls me; my thoughts, and even my daily life. Yet today, I was literally just along for the ride.

These days are far and few between. However, it is a holiday weekend, I am going to enjoy and embrace as many of these times as I can.

Go find your peace and get your inner tranquility, it is worth all the work it takes to find it. It could be anything, but you won’t know until you look for it and when you find it, don’t lose it. It’s more important that you realize.