Last night watching the news my heart broke. I mean the news is always sad anymore, there is hardly any “Good” news on the news these days. On top of the mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL we heard about a 9 year in Denver that took his own life over the weekend.

How does this happen? What is wrong with our world? When I was 9 I was thinking about playing with friends, softball, and handing out with my family. Sure kids were mean back then, but they are even worse today with social media. Back in my day, LOL that is funny I sound like a grandma, anyway….we didn’t have social media. It is a great thing, but however it can be used to hurt people. Kids and adults alike, will totally just say the worse things about people to them via social media. Just totally bash them and make them feel horrible; they have no filter and can’t be stopped. They just say whatever they want and not think about the ramifications of what they say, and how it might effect the other people. They don’t know when to stop, because there is nobody literally in front of them. They feel strong and brave and say whatever they like, nice or not. This is not okay.

We have lost our ability to communicate like rational people. We don’t know how to carry on a face to face conversation. I mean we can’t use emojis in real life, how will people know how we are really feeling?!?!?!

How did we come this far yet move backwards in so many ways? We are social creatures yet socializing is done with our phones in our faces. People will be out with others having a verbal conversation yet texting at the same time. I am one to blame with that too. But seriously.

We need to step back, and move forward. We need to spend more time with people. I mean “real” time, talking and being humans together; sharing stories and feelings. Just talking about nothing, those are the best conversations, the ones without agendas.

Are we so scared of what others might think of us, so we don’t get out their and live our lives the way we want and be happy. Is it horrible that we want to have friends and be liked? We strive to be the best we can, yet no matter what, someone is there trying to push you down.

Back to this poor sweet little angel. He came out to his mother that he was gay and he wanted to tell his friends too. Well, other kids at school told him that he just needed to kill himself. Why?! This pisses me off. Nobody has the right to say anything like this to another person. I mean are you that unhappy with your own life that making someone else feel horrible makes you happy? I don’t get why people are so hateful and hurtful to others. This poor little boy didn’t deserve that from those kids. He was finally confident with himself to come out and tell people who he really was, then we he did do that, they told him to go kill yourself. Those kids should feel horrible, and I know they will have some emotional scaring knowing it was what they said that pushed this boy over the edge. And this little boy did just that. He committed suicide at 9 years old and took his own life because of being bullied. His poor family, the feelings they must have and the hurt they must be going through, all because other kids bullied their family member. The parents of those bullies should really sit back and think about what is missing in their own kid’s lives, that they were able to be that hateful to another child.

Where did we go wrong? As an adult, I want to be a role model for our youth. I volunteer with our youth and help them grow their confidence and self esteem. I want all children to all be happy and enjoy their childhood; while living a positive and happy life. Adults, we need to step back and look at what examples we are being for our youth. Are you constantly talking badly about others? Gossiping about other people’s lives, that you truly don’t know anything about, expect what the others are saying.

I am sadden that I have seen this world go from loving everyone, love winning, to where we are today. Which is far from world love. Love has lost my friends. We need to learn to love ourselves and love others. Not trying to make ourselves feel better by making others look bad.

Teen suicide rates are up. Colorado, where I live, sadly has some of the highest suicide rates in the nation. Are we putting that much pressure on our youth, are we not giving them realistic expectations and the ability to overcome defeat? Sorry people, we all lose sometimes, that is life and we need to have our youth accept that and know how to deal with that. We need to stop bullying. Period!! This is totally unacceptable. This happens in the work place with adults as well, however, children don’t have the knowledge of how to deal with this like we do as adults. Not that bullying is easy for adults, it is rough. Life is rough. But we can’t just run away and make others feel bad. We need to support each other. We need to stand by and defend each other. We are all the same, we are people, we bleed the same color, we hurt the same way, we get mad and angry, and we all get sad. But we need to stand and unite together, listening to others that are hurting, the ones that are angry and find out why? Why are you hurting, can I do anything to help? Is there anything that you need from me? These are questions we should be asking each other. Listening and asking others if they need anything can and will save lives. You don’t know, you might have saved someone’ life today because you said hi to them on the sidewalk walking past. People need to feel loved and needed and that is okay, it is our human nature. If you want to be loved don’t you think you should love others in return?

I know I have went on a rant today, but it literally breaks my heart to hear about these kids, these mass shootings, and all other acts of violence towards others and themselves. Stand with me and protect and support our youth and their mental health.