tonight the softball team I coach had a game, and I have to throw in that they won too! These girls are in 4th and 5th grades which can be a really difficult time for girls. I gotta say I am extremely proud to call them my team.

They are so incredibly supportive of each other. The girls are at all levels of softball, some have never played while others have played several years. No matter what, they support each other like the team that they are. They have each other’s back.

So much so that one of my girls came up to me after an inning and let me know what she heard from the other team when she was a runner at 2nd base. She told me that the other team’s shortstop was bullying the centerfielder so bad while she was on second getting ready to run she saw the centerfielder girl cry. That upset her she said and that she thought I should know.

She was right, I should know about this so I could let the other coach know this happened. It upset me to hear this as well. Yet when I told the other coach she was like “Yup that doesn’t surprise me and I will talk to her.” WHAT?? It doesn’t surprise you? I am sorry you are the coach, that means that you should be a role model for these little girls and make sure that things like this DO NOT happen. Come on!

My girl did the right thing and I am proud of her. My team is not only caring for their own teammates but the other team as well. I think that myself and my assistant coach are doing a wonderful job with helping our girls gain confidence in themselves and how to be a true team player. Learning to be supportive and a team player in softball helps them in their daily lives as well. I have seen these girls grow in these past few weeks so much both on and off ball diamond. Proud coach right here folks.

Be that person in life, the one that is there for someone else, the one that does the right thing. We can learn a lot from kids but they learn a lot from us. Judging others is wrong, making them feel bad about themselves is horrible and kids pick up on things like this from adults. We all struggle in life with some thing; maybe we aren’t as good as someone else on a team that we play on, or singing, and of course a mental illness, and it’s okay. These girls are learning and playing a game they love and also learning to be a better person at the same time, I hope they are anyway.