It’s so easy to speak out and tell others to make sure that you are taking some “me time”, but following through with it myself is not so easy. I need to practice what I preach, so to speak LOL. It turns out it can be really hard to take time out for myself.

Every morning I am trying to get up 30 minutes earlier for “me time” on my back patio. I sit there and drink my coffee, water my veggie garden, and watch the pups run and play in the backyard. This is a nice time every morning to just relax before starting my day off.
This is typically all I can do for myself every day. For me cleaning typically is a relaxing thing to do. Yet at this time, I don’t even enjoy that and I can’t say that is relaxing like normal. So I actually have to set time aside every day, in sessions throughout the day, so I can make sure that I can “try” to relax and think about me.

I am the person that will always be there if I am needed or asked to help. Yet, I can’t seem to be there for myself as easily. Why is it so hard to be there for myself? Why can’t I ever ask for help? I will put my feelings aside and help others. Even if I am not mentally having a good day, I will stop and go help a friend if they ask.

I have figured it out. I need to set a reminder every day to ask myself for help. This way I will help myself like it was someone else asking for help. Now to follow through with this. I am going to try this out tomorrow and I hope that I will not just hit the dismiss button on my cell, but actually step away from whatever I am doing and take some time for myself.

This week is going to be a rough one, I have a lot going on, but that is okay. I am ready and preparing for it in advance, and I truly hope my trial help reminders goes well. Practice what I preach, that is my goal this week.