I have volunteered many times; everything from Big Brother & Big Sisters, Toys for Tots, Adopt a Family, and even for flood relief here in CO. Today was my first time volunteering to be a softball coach for elementary school girls.

What a blast! This is going to be so rewarding for me for so many reasons, and I hope for the girls as well. I want these girls not only to have fun playing softball, but I want them to learn sportsmanship, and gain confidence in themselves too.

In today’s world there is way to much bullying and not enough self-confidence in kiddos. Especially girls, they seem to feel this harder at this age. God forbid you are a little softer and not supper skinny. It starts early and and they need to learn to be confident in themselves and not listen to others that are being mean. We are all beautiful people!

However for me, this is actually a fairly huge challenge. Not being supportive of these amazing group of young ladies, this will be easy. I am a very positive and complementary person, my husband might differ with this though. LOL! It is all the little “germy” hands that will be around me touching everything that I am going to be touching. I love kids, and I don’t think these kids are actually dirty by any means, but with OCD, it can be a challenge to be in these type of situations.

A lot of people will just say, it’s not a big deal and to just not think about it. Well for me it really is and not so easy to “just not think about it”. The thought of holding the same ball that someone else just had in their hands makes my skin crawl, especially since I can’t wash my hands every time I handle the ball. Tonight I managed to make it through the entire practice, made sure the kiddos were all with their parents, and packed up the equipment, before I used some hand sanitizer.

The fact that I am doing this, makes me proud in myself. I also think it will be a good therapy treatment; putting myself in a situation that makes me truly uncomfortable at times, and doing it willingly. Yet the benefit of volunteering to coach these girls in softball totally outweighs my mental issues. Being able to take my free time to volunteer and give that time to others, is a reward in itself, hopefully it will help me along the way as well.