How can one wake up with anxiety? I mean aren’t we supposed to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Most days I do wake up in a great mood ready for the day and feeling refreshed. Nope, not this morning. I woke up with the worst anxiety, and had an anxiety attack before even getting out of bed. It wasn’t like I have anything stressful going on today to be anxious about. Or even anything super exciting that would make be anxious for it.

Because of this I was slow all day long, distracted, scatterbrained, and anxious. This made me get behind with everything, and I like routine, and my routine was off. In turn this made me angry.

I didn’t get everything done today that I needed to, but the laundry can wait till tomorrow. However, I feel bad that I didn’t get a chance to take my pups for a daily walk. Now I feel like I have have failed them for the day. (Believe me, these pups are my life and they are spoiled rotten so don’t feel too bad for them.)

All of these thoughts and feelings have been replaying in my head plaguing me literally all day long. I am so incredibly exhausted mentally tonight as I write this. I haven’t been able to shake these thoughts today, which I normally can at some point. I guess today will be a day that I go to bed with these thoughts still looping in my brain.

Why are some days so much worse than others? This is a question I ask and have heard many others ask as well. I just need to remind myself, tomorrow is a new day and today was a successful day, I just didn’t overwhelm myself with doing too much. See stay positive, you can do it, if I can.